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  1. Hi,

    Is there any media player on the market which support Dolby E sound without converting it first on PC?

    Thanx for any help
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  2. Dolby E is an audio encoding and decoding technology developed by Dolby Laboratories that allows 6 to 8 channels of audio to be compressed into an AES-EBU digital audio stream that can be stored as a standard stereo pair of digital audio tracks.

    Up to six channels, such as a 5.1 mix, can be recorded as 16 bit Dolby E data. However, if more than six channels are required, such as 5.1 plus a stereo LtRt, the AES3 data must be formatted as 20 bit audio. This increases capacity to eight channels.

    It is very important to ensure that a Dolby E stream is never played through monitors or headphones without decoding. Undecoded Dolby E data will be converted to analog as full scale (0 dBfs) digital “noise” that can easily damage loudspeakers and/or hearing. Unambiguous media labeling is essential to avoid this.

    Dolby E never reaches home viewers as it is intended for use during post-production when moving multichannel material between production facilities and/or broadcasters. It is decoded prior to transmission.

    Dolby E encoding and decoding is implemented using commercially available hardware or software.
    • Dolby DP571
    • Dolby DP572
    • Dolby DP600
    • Dolby DP600C
    • Minnetonka Audio SurCode for Dolby E[1]
    • Neyrinck SoundCode For Dolby E
    • Minnetonka Audio 'AudioTools Server'[2]
    • Emotion Systems 'eNGINE'[3]

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  3. Seem Dolby E decoder is implemented in ffmpeg (ffplay is player).
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