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    My Sony TC-WR810 just clicks when I press play on either side of the deck or tape. Nothing spins, wheels aren't turning.

    It was fine just the other day, any help is greatly appreciated.

    Video included below.

    [Side note, left door is now jammed]
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  2. The click is the auto reverse mechanism operating because it thinks the tape end has been reached. That type of mechanism has a sensor under one of the spools that sends pulses to the controller as it rotates. If the pulses stop it assumes it is because the tape has ended and pulled tight.

    Either the tape mechanism has jammed so the spools don't turn or the sensor has broken. With no tape in the door, look to see if the pinch roller (black rubber wheel) is in contact with the drive shaft and turning when you press play. If it isn't, there is a fault in the motor drive or the mechanism that pushes the roller against the shaft. If it is turning, check the spools are free to turn by giving them a gentle push. When 'play' is pressed, one should be turning rapidly and the other stopped but free to turn by hand.

    Basically, it thinks the tape isn't moving, even if it is.

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  3. This old mechanic devices need to be serviced once a while, you have to check the rubber belts, oil the mechanism, check the sensors like betwix said. I've serviced a Teac W-416 once and it was suffering from the same issue, I forced to play after I change the belts and the thing broke apart, looking at it it had a small amount of dirt like sand over some parts so, the best way to deal with it is to open the mechanism and take a look.
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  4. Proper cleaning and lubrication, if required belt(s) replacement, also head demagnetization recommended.
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