If "Store bookmarks into .pbf files instead of Registry/INI" is selected as a preference, bookmarks are stored in the registry anyway as BMItem keys and in a BMList at HKEY_USERS\My User Account\Software\Daum\PotplayerMini64.

I accumulate bookmarks in many videos and because of this Registry-writing, Potplayer settings become very slow to save as the list grows. A little white "Exit" box persists onscreen until the process is complete when closing Potplayer. My solution has been to trim the list using Bookmark Editor. I seem to remember that deleting bookmark entries in Bookmark Editor preserved their related .pbf files, allowing bookmarks to be recovered when their video files are played once again. Now, deleting a video's listing in Bookmark Editor also deletes its .pbf file. I can see them vanish in Windows Explorer when selecting either DELETE (for single entries) or CLEAR (for all entries). They are also deleted in the Registry gone without a trace.

Is there no way to prevent Potplayer from destroying these .pbf files when trimming items from the Bookmarks Editor? And, when selecting "Show Bookmark List" is selected, where is that Bookmark List?