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  1. Hello. I'm using my capture card Avermedia Live Gamer Extreme (LGX) GC550 and I need to record my PS4 gameplay with near highest possible settings. I record at 59.94FPS, 60mbs video bitrate and 256kb audio bitrate. As codec I use nVidia as it save CPU usage and during recording I have all my apps on PC closed. Just the necessary ones. I use the capture card's manufacturer's recording software called ReCentral 4.

    Anyway, anybody know what is this bug/glitch/whatever called or what might be cause of this? It hapens usually once per few hours of recording (sometimes not even once in 10+ hours of recording and sometimes it can happen 5 times in 30mins).

    [Attachment 45751 - Click to enlarge]

    Thank you.
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  2. Encoding or decoding error. Try a different decoder. Don't overclock your GPU.
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  3. Ok. I'll try that. Thank you
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