I am using Aegisub on a mac, and have really enjoyed all the functionality it offers for free. However, the frequency at which it crashes gets so ridiculous that several times Iíve nearly quit using it.

The subtitle file type is .ass, and the video is .mp4.

I canít figure out why, but hereís what I have noticed pattern-wise:
- it only crashes when I load the audio and/or video along with the subtitle file
- it crashes on specific entries in the subtitle file, like ďsomeone help me!Ē crashes the program every time I select it, but the lines before and after can be fine
- it doesnít seem to have to do with whatís in the problem entry, as I tried tweaking start-end times and text content, but it would still crash
- I donít see any interval pattern in line index numbers between problem entries

Is there some designated RAM preference I can change, like I saw for just audio in a different thread, or another known reason for this crashing problem?

Solving this could save me a world of hassle, so thanks!