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    Hi guys
    I have problem with streaming from VLC and then record with ffmpeg. The metadata gets lost.

    I have used exiftool.exe to input an artist name:
    exiftool -artist=my_metadata video_with_metadata.mp4
    ...and that was successful becuase I can list all metdata:
    XMP Toolkit : Image::ExifTool 10.97
    Artist : my_metadata
    Avg Bitrate : 4.46 Mbps
    Image Size : 640x480
    Megapixels : 0.307
    Rotation : 0

    ffmpeg.exe -i udp:// -c:v copy new_video_with_metadata.mp4
    The video is recorded but the metadata gets lost.
    If I stream from VLC to ffmpeg then metadata gets lost...these two lines are gone from the new video file:
    XMP Toolkit : Image::ExifTool 10.97
    Artist : my_metadata

    I have also tried with a lokal file with just ffmpeg:
    ffmpeg.exe -i video_with_metadata.mp4 -c:v copy new_video_with_metadata.mp4
    But still no metadata in the recorded file

    Please can anybody help me to understand why the metadata gets lost?

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  2. Of course metadata gets lost. It's not part of the video or audio that's being streamed. That's why it's called metadata.
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