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  1. Hello, I'm getting a new error with AVStoDVD despite installing it at the same time on my laptop and PC which are both running the same version of Windows 10. The error below pops up just after adding a file to AVStoDVD and before doing anything with it. In my options, I'm not even seeing a Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio decoder listed anywhere so I can't toggle it off or change it to a different filter. I don't have a lot of experience with this but I've been using AVStoDVD for a few years without seeing this error. What am I missing?


    A title with AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) audio stream has been added, and default audio codec is Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio decoder.

    There is a high risk to get video/audio out-of-sync."
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    Hello -
    it's talking about the system filter used to decode the source video. Best to install LAV filters. When the media file has been loaded
    it tells you which codec they use (for example, AVC video and AAC audio) You can use codecs/preferred directshow codecs setup
    to enable LAV filters for these types.
    A second possibility is not to use the system filters, set in the AVStoDVD preferences Avisynth tab, set video and audio source filters to
    FFMpegSource and save these preferences as default.
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