Samsung K8500 USB MKV PCM not working:

I have been trying to get the samsung to play mkv's with wav/pcm audio converted from Truehd. It does not support truehd by way of usb hdd.

I contacted Samsung, they said it should work and went through trouble shooting with them. Formatted to fat32, still not working.

Using Eac3to to convert truehd to wav, then muxing with MKVtoolnix.

Strange thing is, the first time I tried it with fat32 it worked with a wav/pcm only in a mkv file, not m2ts. I cannot repeat that process and get it to work again.

Does the truehd audio need the ac3 core in the audio before converting to wav?

Ac3 and m4a converted from Truehd work in mkv, but not wav. I really need wav/pcm lossless, anything less is unacceptable.

DTS.HD work in mkv from ntfs and fat32 hdd. Truehd is a freaking nightmare.

Thanks for any help.