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  1. here's the problem: no matter which program you choose, the website name remains, so i can't link to the show i want to download.
    if you click on the left of the screen where it says "shows" then scroll down to where it says "cnn special report," i'm looking to get the episode called "trump's first year: reign of chaos."
    can anyone help me download this program, preferably in 720p?
    thanks in advance!
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  2. This video?

    Use youtube-dl:

    youtube-dl -f 1280x720_3500k_mp4
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  3. thanks, but no. that's just a minute long tease. i'm looking to get the full program off of
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  4. I didn't see the show at Use a browser's Developer Tools, Network tab, to see network traffic. Find the m3u8 link. Use that with youtube-dl. That works with videos at
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  5. the only thing i find with an m3u8 in it is this:

    what do i do with it? i tried basically copying and pasting it into the command you posted earlier, but it just gave me an error.
    sorry for being such a noob.
    i appreciate your help.
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  6. Use the -F switch to get a list of available files:

    youtube-dl -F URL
    Then specify that file on the command line with the -f switch:

    youtube-dl -f 1280x720_3500k_mp4 URL
    Different videos may have different resolutions, bitrates, etc.

    Or you can get the "best" version with just the URL:

    youtube-dl URL
    There are many other options -- see the youtube-dl docs.

    The URL changes every few minutes so you have to work fast.
    Last edited by jagabo; 24th May 2018 at 18:41.
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  7. well, after loads of trial and error, i'm downloading SOMETHING. hopefully it's what i'm after.
    thanks, jagabo, for all your help! there's no way i would have figured this out without you!
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  8. Will you Trump. Wait.
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  9. thanks for your trouble, LZAA. that's exactly what i managed to download, too.
    hopefully, your download and share will be helpful for other people looking for that show.
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