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  1. Hi,

    Greetings fellas,

    Hope you guys are doing well..

    I am trying to rip my first blu ray movie.

    I have managed to get a remux of the BR disc as a single mkv file of 38GB size using makemkv from the disc.

    I did manage to "downrip" this 38GB .mkv file twice, in two steps, to a final size of 11GB which I was quite satisfied with to keep in the HD for archiving purposes.

    However, due to sheer stupidity I deleted the files.

    Now, VidCoder gives me an error when i try to repeat last time's performance. Something about an header missing or something.

    I will post the logs later. Anybody faced the same problem ?

    Also, I want to extract the best quality with video bit rate up to 12Mbps including the black bars, ie in full HD 1920x1080 or whatever the exact number is, what i mean is no cropping.. Keeping the audio as passthrough whenever possible.

    Anybody wants to give me some tips ?


    Been a pleasure to post my first post.

    Thank you in advance.

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    You have the MKV file containing the main movie? Does it play properly on the computer?
    If so it should not be a problem re-encoding to a smaller file if that's what you want

    You can control the cropping in the settings/sizing tab
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  3. My understanding is that he accidentally deleted that MKV file.
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    Just rip from the blu-ray disc again.
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