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    I have two editions of AmarecTV. 2.31 and 3.10. I typically use 3.10 because it functions more efficiently.

    Everything was working well enough until this afternoon; Amarec started to freeze at moments and significantly drop frames while recording.

    While looking up some help online, I found one user who suggested deleting the main .ini file and starting from scratch. I did this with both editions of the program and now neither of them connect with my capture device at all, so now I'm unable to capture, period.

    My capture device is an Inogeni 4K capture device, although in this instance I was only recording at 1920x1080, 60fps.

    The obvious solution at this point would be to re-image my computer to remove any unwanted settings that I'm unable to reverse, but I really don't want it to come to that.

    Solutions, anyone? It would be most appreciated.
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    Completely uninstall and reinstall the Inogeni driver?
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  3. You're not suffering from the latest rounds of Windows 10 updates are you? Hit the Windows key, type winver and select the top option from the list of found items. If you're not running version 1803 then you probably just need to be patient and reboot your PC a few times.
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