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  1. Hi there , Trying to download a part of youtube video ,like from min x to min y and so on .

    Usually i use ffmpeg for direct link videos,and its straight forward when u have a direct link to the video , but with youtube its messy , I can't figure out how to do this especially with the separate files for audio and video for quality like 1080P+.

    Tried using youtube-dl , but did not work with me , I hope that someone can help me to integrate those two amazing programs and find a code that works .
    This is the code i usually use to download specific parts of videos , now how to use it with youtube-dl to download part of a youtube video? .
        ffmpeg -ss 00:01:00 -i "video url" -t 	50 -c copy output.mkv
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    Check out start_time and end_time with the -o option.
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  3. Thanks mate , a little more clarification would be great , i have been using ss with ffmpeg , so i should disregard that or what ?
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  4. You can transfer the download to ffmpeg. Code:

    youtube-dl --external-downloader ffmpeg --external-downloader-args "xxxxx -yyy"
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