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  1. This error has persisted for a month. All the uninstall-reinstall gags for Nvidia drivers and the programs in question have failed to fix it. But Potplayer crashes on file close if its settings so much as reference the CUDAs in my two GTX 1080FE GPUs in SLI array. Similar issue occurs with Premiere Pro CC 2018.

    Here's the Windows 10 error popup:

    [Attachment 45670 - Click to enlarge]

    Another board suggested, "This looks like a situation of the software needing to update to maintain compatibility with the driver, happens when undefined behavior is patched in client api's that should never have been exploited."

    I have no idea how to approach that suggestion. Or, where the issue is being created video applications? nvcuda.dll? Windows 10? or where that that mysterious "additional information stored locally" can be found. Can anyone enlighten me? I own 5,120 CUDA cores unusable in these apps!

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    Problem resolved with Nvidia Driver as of 6-1-2018
    Michael Linder
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