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  1. Hi,

    I tried to download video with youtube-dl from this MPD file:

    But I only get the M4U audio file.

    Is there any way of downloading the video?
    It's from Hayu, so you may have to download with a VPN from UK, Ireland or Australia.
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  2. This video is protected.
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  3. So no way of download the video?
    what about the subtitles?
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  4. The protected video can be downloaded, but it will not be played.
    To search for subtitles, i need an original link to the video.
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  5. Need a link to the site of the video resource, is not it clear?

    For -> IDM.
    Last edited by LZAA; 18th May 2018 at 05:02.
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  6. Registration information is required.
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  7. Originally Posted by Hakunamatata67 View Post
    Originally Posted by Hakunamatata67 View Post
    Why are you not using hls? I have verified that both of the above videos can be downloaded via hls. Did you see the post by misterbubble in your other thread here where he explained that if you used chrome as a browser, the widevine plugin was automatically activated but in firefox you can easily disable the widevine plugin and use hls to stream the videos on the site?
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  8. I use Firefox and been able to disable the widevive plugin, but now when I want to play the video, it says:

    NotSupporteError; Widevine EME disabled
    How can I get the HLS links?
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