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    Hi guys till now I just use the defrag that Windows 10 contains but I just wanted to try some other tool, maybe and graphic or intuitive tool, I read about Ionit Smart Defrag but I wish yo ask you if can recommend what to use?

    What hard disc defrag you use? Windows 10 Defrag? other? can you recommend?

    Have a nice weekend
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  2. If you've got a Solid State Drive then don't use a defrag util. Personally, I use Auslogics free disk-defrag with tweaked settings, and have never had issues. (Note: They will try and get you to download an additional util to cleanup your system and identify potential problems . . . Never used it so don't know if it's any good, but it isn't free to remove the identified issues. You just need to pay attention to the various screens displayed during installation and untick as appropriate.)
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