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  1. Hey, guys, I am all about buying a software and CPU for video editing. I have reduced my choice to Pinnacle, Cyberlink and Corel Video. I got confused with information about necessary CPU written on official web sites of these software.

    The most confusing info is on Cyber Link website:

    IT is written that any CPU from i-series would be enough. I think that`s not true.

    Then, on Corel Video website and on Pinnacle website there are the same specs:

    For both of them is written that I need i7 for multicam editing. So, I am confused because some i5s are sometimes better than i7s. I mean, that info is not specified enough. If I bought some bad i7 that would definitinely be a bad move.

    If anyone knows sth about this please write me down som experiences, opinions, etc. '

    Thanks a lot!
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    A computer for video editing needs to have plenty of power. An i7 4 core processor, plenty of ram, ie 16gb min, and a GPU with at least 2gb vram. If you intend editing 4k then a GPU with at least 4gb vram. I used to use Pinnacle Studio but found it unstable, and this still appears to be the case if you read the Pinnacle forums. I now use DaVinci Resolve for editing HD which is a far more powerful professional programme. The great thing is that it has a free version as well as a paid version. The difference between the two not being that great. I use the free version. Have a look on the Blackmagic Design website.
    Canon Legria G40-Dell XPS8700 i7 4core-Win 10-24gb RAM-GTX 750ti-DaVinci Resolve 15.0 & Dell 490 dual 4 core Xeon Workstation-Win 7 Ultimate-16gb ECC RAM- Pro Tools 2018.7
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  3. This is a very complex subject. It depends in part on the nature of the video you'll be editing. If you're editing standard definition video to DVD you don't need a very powerful computer with lots of memory. If you're editing multiple 4K tracks you're going to need much more power and memory. And a lot depends on whether the software supports GPU decoding, filtering, and encoding -- and to what extent. Of course, if money is no object you just by high end everything.

    Keep in mind that laptop and desktop processors are not comparable. A laptop i7 is roughly equivalent to a desktop i5. But you'd be hard pressed to find a desktop i7 that performs worse than a desktop i5 -- unless you're talking a very old model i7 vs. a new model i5.
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  4. Thank you, guys, for your answers.

    LAGABO: "This is a very complex subject. It depends in part on the nature of the video you'll be editing."

    I will edit MOV videos made with Canon 1100D. Container is MVI.

    18 minutes take about 4 GB. It`s not 4k. That`s for sure. It`s HD: 1280 x 720.

    LAGABO: "Keep in mind that laptop and desktop processors are not comparable."

    I will not buy a lap-top.Thank you for your advice.


    So, i checked the list of the best software for video editing published on PC Mag website.,2817,2397215,00.asp

    There are:

    1. Adobe Premiere Pro - I don`t want to pay subscription every month
    2. Corel Video Studio Ultimate - MAYBE
    3. Cyberlink Power Director - MAYBE
    4. Pinnacle studio - MAYBE
    5. Adobe Premiere Elements - No, because it doesn`t have multicam editing
    6. Magix - MAYBE
    7. Filmora - No, because it doesn`t have multicam editing
    8. Nero video - No, because it doesn`t have multicam editing
    9. Apple Final Cut Pro x - No, because I don`t use Apple
    10. iMovie - No, because I don`t use Apple

    *Chapman Dolly recommended Da Vinci Resolve, but I really don`t want to use something that has "black magic" in it`s title. I know that it sounds funny but I really don`t want.

    So, two parts are missing in my puzzle.
    1.. I know video container, format and resolution - MVI/MOV/HD.
    2. I have to choose one of these software: Pinnacle/Cyberlink/Corel/Magix.
    3. And, when I choose some of them I will find the right CPU/GBU/Monitor/HDD/etc. combination.

    But, I saw that official websites of software listed above are not good enough for the information about the connection between software and hardware.

    I mean, it is stupid that I first have to buy Intel i-5 8600k in order to see whether is good for Pinnacle/Corel/Magix/Cyberlink or it isn`t. That`s really stupid.

    Thank you, guys, once again. If you know anything just say write it down. It will help me a lot.

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    djordjejovanovic ..... difficult to read your post with all that fancy writing .... best to KISS
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  6. Ok, here is the short version:

    I need information about hardware requirements for multicam editing of HD (1280 x 720) MOV videos in

    1. Corel Video Studio
    2. Cyberlink Power Director
    3. Pinnacle Studio
    4. Magix

    Thanks a lot!
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    Add Magix's Vegas Movie studio platinum to your list (lots of info, guides and forum post on it) .. look into avisynth ,virtualdub , Aviutl and.. don't set davinci resolve aside .. their is some bloatware on your list .. don't trust too much review website..look into real world user's forum in real life workflow and use the trialware one at the time ..and know what you want to do .. and try to stay with windows 7 while you still can... that's what i did , my 2 cents
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