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  1. Since today I can't download from VTM anymore. Probably an update of their website.

    Unable to download JSON metadata: HTTP error 400: bad request <caused by HTTPError<>>

    I updated youtube-dl and ffmpeg but still getting the error that says that I have to update youtube-dl
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  2. Hi ,

    Give us a complete link !
    ( enclosed between code & /code , don't forget [] )
    Cheers .
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  3. Where can I get this code, if I may ask.
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  4. Registration information is required.
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  5. Hi Seadevil ,

    I need a COMPLETE link , to do this :

    EXAMPLE of write

    replace < by [
    replace > by ]

    VERIFY https....197176 if it is full !!!

    Cheers .
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