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    I just bought a 4k blu ray player. Its Magnavox model number MBP6700P. I have mp4 files on a USB flash drive and when i open the folder, the No BDMV message comes up. In the manual, it says AVCHD for DVD only. Is there a way i can play mp4 files on this player? Could i convert them to play using a different format or am i out of luck? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well the manual should tell you what files and formats it supports for playback. Mp4 is not a format. It is a container and your mp4's could have a multitude of video/audio codecs within them. You need to look at each file with mediainfo (text mode) to see precisely what is inside your mp4s. If they are nor supported then you would have to convert them to the spec per the manual.

    AVCHD has nothing to do with mp4. That is a High Definition format and, yes, for dvd media. If you are getting such an error message I suggest you look at your player settings. Again, the manual should guide you.
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