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  1. Looks like implemented a new streaming player that makes it harder to find manifest files to download. Not only that, but they also renovated the website and got rid of their earlier content.

    I saved a few links, and if I run them with RTMPdump they still download the file so it looks like these files still exist.

    Real World London Episode 17:

    Two things; is there a way to "reverse search" to find more video files, and also, is it still possible to find the highest quality file with these links?
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    You could always try the Wayback Machine.
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  3. Originally Posted by DB83 View Post
    You could always try the Wayback Machine.
    I tried this. Unfortunately the webplayer doesn't load, therefore I can't go into the source and find the files associated. If someone has a fix for that I'm all ears.
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