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  1. There is a playlist of three youtube movies. I have one and three. Can i get the direct link for just number two and download with youtube dl? If i try the link for two it starts at one

    OK just realised you remove anything after &index=on the url
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  2. Navigate to the second movie at Youtube. Right click on the video and select Copy Video URL. You'll get something like:

    remove the ? and everything to the right of it:

    Use that URL with youtube-dl.
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  3. Hello, you can also try Tube Geter and download playlist from Youtube.
    Works great and its easy to use tool.
    Follow easy steps to download:
    Step-1) Go to TubeGeter – download the entire playlists from YouTube in seconds.
    Step-2) Download and install the software.
    Step-3) Then just copy the link from your browser and click ‘Paste Link’ in the application.
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