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  1. There is a playlist of three youtube movies. I have one and three. Can i get the direct link for just number two and download with youtube dl? If i try the link for two it starts at one

    OK just realised you remove anything after &index=on the url
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  2. Navigate to the second movie at Youtube. Right click on the video and select Copy Video URL. You'll get something like:

    remove the ? and everything to the right of it:

    Use that URL with youtube-dl.
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  3. Originally Posted by JohnGaller View Post
    Hello, you can also try Tube Geter and download playlist from Youtube.
    Works great and its easy to use tool.
    Follow easy steps to download:
    Step-1) Go to TubeGeter – download the entire playlists from YouTube in seconds.
    Step-2) Download and install the software.
    Step-3) Then just copy the link from your browser and click ‘Paste Link’ in the application.
    you have three posts all promoting tubegeter? I do not see tubegeter in the videohelp software list.
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    IDM Downloads it properly.
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