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  1. I got this audio file from Tune in Radio pro. It plays with Media Player Classic Home Cinema on a pc, but won't play with vlc 2.2.4. I tried "fixing" the file with Foobar but that software said the file was corrupt and couldn't do anything. Can someone take a look and see what is wrong with the file?
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  2. It's an aac file, not an mp3 file. Rename it 1.aac and it will play in VLC. Though it may still have some errors in it. If need mp3, load the audio into Audacity (after renaming aac) and export as mp3.
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  3. Well, I did rename to aac and it now plays in vlc on my pc, but it still won't play with vlc or the stock player on my android device. I tried converting to other mp3 file but that wouldn't play on pc or android device either. Something still not right with that audio file.
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  4. Load the aac into Audacity and export as MP3. I cut off the promo at the end.
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  5. What version of Audacity are you using? I used v1.2.6 and exported to mp3 and the result would not play in Android device. However, the repaired audio that you did (converted.mp3) does play in Android device.
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  6. I used version 2.1.3 with the ffmpeg plugin.
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  7. Ok, I installed Audacity 2.1.3 on Windows 7 computer along with ffmpeg and lame plugins for Audacity and was able to convert the aac problem file to mp3 that played fine on Android device. Thank you for the info.
    A little strange that it took 5 minutes to import the 16 minute audio aac file into Audacity and another 5 minutes to export to mp3.
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  8. You're welcome.
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  9. I found you can also use just ffmpeg to fix the file. I used ffmpeg ver3.3.2 on Windows 7 computer.
    Simple code that gives default 128kb/s mp3:
    ffmpeg -i damagedfile.aac fixedfile1.mp3
    Other code that specifies bit rate (here 64kb/s):
    ffmpeg -i damagedfile.aac -acodec libmp3lame -ab 64k fixedfile2.mp3
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