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  1. Does the capture card vendor's S-VIDEO adapter DVI HDMI have a picture quality impact on capture?
    Does the capture card vendor's S-VIDEO adapter DVI HDMI have a picture quality impact on capture? Many devices now do not have S-VIDEO inputs, only component or digital inputs. But provide the interface, will this cause the signal to decay?
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    Possibly, depending on how good a job is done by the adapter, which functions as a digital converter in this instance. I would rather have a device with the appropriate analog input and circuitry devoted to quality conversion than a doohickey that's meant to hook up your VCR to the digital TV.
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    I have NO idea what you are trying to ask, but here's a few things you can take to the bank:

    Component is better than partial component (incl. S-video) which is better than composite which is better than modulated (incl. RF). Similarly, discreet is better than matrixed.
    RGB can theoretically be converted back and forth losslessly with YUV, but not usually, due to math rounding.
    Digital can be better or worse than analog, depending upon each's specs and the type of intervening transmission/storage process.
    Regardless, the system is only as good as the weakest link(s) in the chain. So if you have one element which is lower quality (garbage?), even reconverting to a better, more faithful format later will NOT improve the degraded signal.
    Quality is retained best when the least amount of change is made upon the (original) signal.
    Thus, start with the highest quality signal you can, 'cuz it's basically downhill from there.
    There are exceptions, but these always require WORK be done, and they almost always involve some form of compromise or cost.

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