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  1. VideoInspector - 2.14 (Released 2018-05-11)

    0004823: [Refactoring] Make portable version truly portable (Kyle_Katarn)
    0004869: [Refactoring] Code signing certificate renewal (Kyle_Katarn)
    0004903: [Refactoring] Updated Spanish (Argentina) translation (Kyle_Katarn)
    0004753: [Refactoring] Greek translation (Kyle_Katarn)
    0004725: [Refactoring] Updated German translation (Kyle_Katarn)
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    Great post.
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  3. Originally Posted by jaimieblount View Post
    Great post.
    Thanks !
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  4. Originally Posted by chris319 View Post
    How is Video Inspector different from Media Info?
    Different products from different developpers.... give VideoInspector a try !
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