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  1. Hello, i am trying to convert vhs to dvd and they are old so i purchased a sima scc-2 for correction and have a nicer VCR and using Roxio vhs to dvd 3 plus. how do i use the sima....not sure how to hook it up. Thanks, Sandra my email is

    Any help would be appreciated
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  2. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    Sima often fails, it's not a TBC.
    The Roxio is a low-end EZcap (EZcrap) rebadge. Literally the worst capture card ever made.
    Is that also an old generic VHS player?

    Odds are, this will never work the way you want. The converted tapes will look worst than the tapes did, which is backwards. A digital version can improve on the tape, if done correctly.
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  3. i was hoping for some improvement...what do you suggest? i am open to suggestions. I had an ion VCR to dvd but it actually gave me worse results.
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