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  1. Hi,

    I'm new here and also to video editing.
    I would like to edit video clip of david bowie's I'm derailed where you see a car driving at night on a road without lights.
    I would like to make a transition from normal "positive" to "negative" over the coarse of the video clip.
    I there a software application that supports this? I tried openshot which can apply a Negative filter, but that is applied over the whole clip.

    many thanks,

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  2. You can workaround limitations and create signal flow with two videos - first original, second negative copy of original - then you can mix (overlay) video as you wish and where (transition point) you wish.
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  3. Note that in the middle of the final result the frame will be flat medium grey.
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  4. Hi,

    I achieved the transition described above with openshot. Indeed in the middle of the video clip, the image is flat grey.
    This is OK for me as I don't know another way to make the transition
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  5. Flat grey for relatively slow and linear transition - for S curve with sufficiently fast mid part, flat grey can be avoided also S curve is more natural from human perspective than simple linear .
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