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    Hi Guys,

    I have a huge DVD/BluRay Collection (Over 3,000 disks). Over the last year I have been going through my collection ripping the content to MKV H264 format to store on my Plex Media Server.

    I am currently using my 5 year old MacBook Pro using DVDFab, MakeMKV and Handbrake. My preference is DVDFab as it's a simpler process and overall quicker.

    I have been trying out ripping to H265 as it provides better compression and the resulting files will talk up less space on my server. But when I select H265 using the above software the ripping process is taking 3 or 4 times longer than H264.

    I am thinking that I need to upgrade my hardware to improve on my ripping performance. My MacBook Pro is now over 5 years old and while it does all my day to day tasks without fault, some upgraded hardware is going to improve my ripping times.

    Before I go ahead and buy new kit, I want to make sure I buy the right combination of hardware to get the best improvement in times that I can for a reasonable outlay. I assume processor speed is key, but how many cores will provide the best result. I will be building a system dedicated to the ripping task, so there is no point in buying a processor with multiple cores, if the ripping software will not make use of all the cores.

    What's the optimum memory to have and will having an SSD help throughput. I have also read that having a decent GPU will help. What recommendations are there on this front.

    I am happy to build my own system, but if there is a ready built system out there that you would recommend, let me know.

    Also recommendations on OS and ripping software would be appreciated. I gave up on Windows when I got my MacBook Pro as I feel the OS is just too bloated now, but I will go back to it if it is the best OS for the job. However my preference would be for a MacOS or Linux system.

    I await you suggestions and recommendations.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Tony Self
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    you can checkout the system requirements for dvdfab for mac -

    and the reason it's taking longer ripping to H265 is there's no hardware acceleration for the mac version yet -
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