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  1. Hello there!,

    Im currently teaching basic video editing at school and we use an old version of Openshot (computers are old, and only 32bits... so this is the only version i can use) on Linux systems.

    Then openshot version is 1.4.3, and i have an issue with it on all computers. When i load a video, it shows bad on the preview screen, doesn't matter the video size, i already tried with several mp4 video files, all with the same issue.

    I already tried purging/removing and reinstalling it but the error persists.

    You can check the screenshot at the end.

    The reason why im asking here is because Openshot forums are locked and i won't get any support if i as on github since this is an old/unsupported version.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Other members may have some ideas. Are you aware of
    True, only 64bit versions, but someone there might be familiar with the 32bit version.
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