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  1. I have a section of a movie already properly cut up, so i got a bunch of slices, and this section happens during an earthquake. I wanto apply s_shake on all of these clips, but I was wondering if there is a way to apply this effect with a single s_shake instance so I don't need to load an s_shake instance per cut up click which would be too CPU consuming, also im not sure if the transition from a clip to another clip would be smooth since the s_shake effect is individually applied per-slice.

    The only way I see it is to move all these clips into it's own channel and apply the s_shake effect in that channel, but I was wonder if there is a way to do it without having to use it's own channel.
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  2. Are all the clips arranged on a single track ? If so, you can apply effects as a Track FX, instead of individual Event FX's on each individual clip; so that the entire track is affected. You can control this by keyframes (eg strength zero where you don't want it affected)
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  3. I decided to just dedicate it's own channel to it.
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