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    Hi Guys,

    Can you guide me how to install and setup an IPTV in a hotel using a satellite dish reciever as a source of TV channels. What equipment do I use at the headend server?
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    Receivers (possibly 1 per channel offering)
    Streaming encoders (same)
    Control, multiplexing, switching, overlay, original content injection
    IP media server(s), # depending upon bandwidth needs (mirrored clusters?)
    Very broadband wired infrastructure to last mile port or WAPs (multiple per floor).
    Multi-cast capable managed routers with QoS policies.
    "Re-broadcast" licensing with major providers
    Tons and tons of cabling. Racks. HVAC cooling.

    Just to name a few things...

    Suggestion: go back to square one and define exactly what you want to provide, in what manner, to how many people simultaneously, and have a budget and an implementation timeline. Ultimately, you will likely find that you need to hire an AV integrator to install & setup this for you.

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