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  1. Hi

    can anyone help me..

    i have some old football match recorded from local tv channel. Video quality is bad so i want to extract JUST COMMENTATOR from that video and join with a new HD quality video i got in the meantime. I know how to extract full audio file from video, but i want JUST COMMENTATOR from that audio without any other sound from the match because that sound is in a better quality in new HD video copy i have. Is there ANY way to edit audio and extract just commentator without ANY SOUND behind him?

    Thanx for any help
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  2. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    Probably not, at least without some diminished quality. You can try the freeware
    Audacity and some selective filtering to pass mostly the voice frequencies,
    but you may end up with 'telephone' quality sound. But give it a try.
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  3. Technically is possible, practically can be a pain in the ...

    I've developed an analogic audio processor that doesn't remove vocals but is possible to pull that off by extracting the background sound that my processor already does, feed that extracted audio to Audacity, invert it 180 and the result will be just the main vocal since the background will be canceled off.

    This is my processor.

    This is the processor working, it looks like it's removing the main vocal but in reality it is bringing the background vocals and music forward.
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    Can possibly be done with an inverse karaoke filter (preserve center and throw away the stereo). Won't be perfect, though, depending on the program. In Adobe Audition, the filter to use would be Center Channel Extractor.
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    Of course if the transmission was effectively mono, dual mono left and right or the centre spread across both channels so that the separation is only between 3 and 7db then basically you are @@@@ed. It can be easy enough to get rid of vocals, but not always trying to maintain only the centre channel is a pain and complicated with disappointing results. Good luck
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