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  1. I need take a video and stretch it across five screens for a 1x5 video wall. Is this possible, is this even in the realm of this forum? Many thanks!
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  2. Thanks. I have the hardware, how do I modify/create the content. I'm using Crestron NVX video processing units for the backend which support a single virtual display of this dimension. But I'm concerned about resolution of the video content that is five screens wide (five times 3840 pixels or 19,200 pixels wide by 2160 high). Do I need custom video, or can I take existing video and somehow stretch it to fit this very wide and thin "screen"? Thanks for any advice you may have.
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  3. Don't see a reason why any content could not be cropped and resized to match whatever resolution you aim for.
    I adjusted Hybrid a while back to support resolutions up to 32768x32768 after a user asked for it.

    That said encoding, filtering and playback of 19200x2160 content will take a lot of CPU power, since no gpu I know of will support this.

    Cu Selur
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  4. I agree with Selur that working with a 19200x2160 video will be difficult. A lot of editors and encoders have limitations that will keep you from creating a video that wide. That said, I just successfully created one in AviSynth and encoded it with the x264 command line encoder. And it played (jerkily) in MPCHC. So it's not impossible.

    Other possibilities include creating half that resolution (9600x1080) and letting graphics card upscale. Or even 9600x2160 with aspect ratio signalling to let the graphics cards upscale each of the 5 sub-frames to 3840x2160. You could even create the video as an 19200x2160 video, then cut/stack it into a 11520x4320 video (3x2 array). The graphics card will think it's displaying on a 3x2 array of TVs -- but you'll have them all stacked horizontally (with one of the six unused).
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