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    I've noticed this a lot when using MKVtoolnix that some videos' file size gets quite a bit smaller when a SRT subtitle is muxed than when the two are separate.

    An example. First line has 13 files (out of many more) fewer files with subtitles muxed than the second line.

    32.2 GB (34,579,762,869 bytes)

    32.2 GB (34,576,604,484 bytes)

    3,158,385 bytes less. Not just from deleting the subtitle files after muxing but because the muxed files are smaller than the unmuxed file + SRT subtitle pairs.

    They play just fine but it seems out of sorts that the muxed files don't always come out at least their original size plus the size of the subtitle file. Some do, some end up a bit larger than the two combined.
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    MKVtoolnix does compress headers and subtitles if requested. Prime example is dropping a VOB into mkvtoolnix and mixing it will has a smaller file as it doesnt utilize as much header info. I've seen some files 5% smaller before like that.
    if all else fails read the manual
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