FOR-A FA-125 Time Base Corrector / Frame Synchronize

I think it is much better than videodata. Everyone's opinion?
I now propose a subtle solution. Assume that DV's TBC is perfect, but it does not use S-VIDEO transmission. Color and brightness decay occur. Then we use brightness and color software enhancements such as HDR software or video hook adjustments. Is the tool the perfect solution at a low cost? Let's discuss, I'm starting with a Panasonic DV with slightly increased color and brightness. Or buy a professional TBC directly from Japan. Everyone views it?

My thinking process: 1 VCR-----japan TBC----PC
************************ * 2 VCR-----DV-----Color Corrector------PC (or capture soft color enhancement)
Can you verify this? In the next few days I will delete this post to avoid being used for commercial interests.