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    First off, i apologize about the title. The software is actually called Wonderfox, not Wondershare. Has anyone ever bought and used Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro? Ive read a lot of mostly positive reviews about it saying it can convert SD videos to HD and how they come out looking good. Are there any users who have had good experience using this program to enhance video quality and can pretty much back up the positive reviews?
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    Links to any of these reviews? I suspect they're crap ad supported blogs because upscaling SD to HD is pointless. You can't put information that's not there in.
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  3. Their web site shows a screencap of a 4+ star review at CNET. They don't give a link. Try to find the review. What does that tell you about the company?
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  4. I don't know about this product but i have positive experience with Video enhancer But i recall discussions on doom9 you can do it for free with avisynth with the same results or better.
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