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    I have a video that is in avi format and is 720x480 with the total bitrate being 30311kbps. It is a bit blurry and distorted picture so i was wondering if there was a way to make the picture better and more clear without getting those artifacts or pixelation. Im not expecting 1080p HD quality video, but id like to be able to notice some improvement. Any tips or ideas on how to make this happen?

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    Now that the wonderful reply has been deleted along with, I suspect, the account of that spammer let's get back to the purpose of the forum.

    Impossible to advise at present. I suggest you post a short sample of the video (20 secs is sufficient) >> use avidemux >> A/B markers >> copy for video (audio is unimportant) and save as avi and upload that sample here.

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    CM120884-Please do not cross post the same message,this thread is closed.
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