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  1. Hello all,

    I have an .mkv file I encoded awhile back with DVDFab and I am trying to copy the x264 encoding parameters when looking at the file with MediaInfo. I want to copy them into the Advanced Options tab in Handbrake so that I can use that program for encodes instead. Does anyone know how to do this? A simple copy/paste does not seem to work.

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  2. You can usually set most of the parameters by using one of the presets, then manually changing others. A few years ago I generated a list of all the options selected by the presets:

    Some may have changed since then though.

    In Handbrake's Extra Options box parameters are separated by colons:

    Unfortunately, that means some parameters can't be entered in Handbrake's For example, the command line option "sar 10:11" can't be entered into Handbrake because it interprets that as "sar 10" and "11".

    Some of the names of parameters reported in MediaInfo vary from the command line arguments. For example, me-range in MediaInfo is merange on the command line.

    But why do you need to do this? Using the same options don't guarantee you will get the same quality with a different video. It doesn't guarantee you can append a new video to an existing one. Etc.
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  3. mis2x264 by selur will parse the mediainfo string and spit out the command line used, but it only works for x264cli . handbrake doesn't use the same syntax
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