I have been struggling to get avconv to take a series of jpeg files and stream to youtube. I can successfully use avconv take an mp4 file created with snagit and stream it to youtube, so the basics of that are working properly. The issue arises when I source/start with the series of jpeg files. If I write them out to a local .mp4 file then windows media player plays the video fine, so the basics of that are working as well. It is just when I try and stream the transcoded output to youtube live that I have the issue. Youtube Live control room properly sees the connection as it shows "Starting" and status green, but no content ever appears (either live or in past events -- event shows up but video is unplayable).

I have played around with many options based on other feedback but nothing has worked as of yet. I even can get the ouptut of mediainfo -f to show the same for my ouptut to local file compared to the snagit .mp4 file.

I'm totally stumped. Any theories?!