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    Hi everyone:
    This is Cristian, from Argentina
    Long story the shorter I can: I'm 47 years old. Music & Video collector since I was a kid. Music in the first place (audio, official music videos, live performances, retail & promo releases. Also movies & TV series). I've been using alot of different apps to deal with my collection through the years, which included digitizing my whole vhs tapes and laserdiscs collection at the time. I admire literally hundreds of artists, not at all a one or two artists fan. I am not, in no way, a fan of any artist, although I love many of them, mainly because of their vocals skills.
    Now... I've got this project on my mind, which started by organizing everything in an excel file which includes over 4000 retail DVDs and BLU-RAYs, over 3000 LPs, over 2000 CDs, not to mention all the "back up" DVD-Rs (and BDRs) which contain mostly everything I have digitized myself, to everything I have gotten through trades or simple downloads (legal or illegally obtained through torrent and direct download links). All in all is way too much to deal with, but I have decided to start organizing and come up with the complete collection of official music videos of each and every artist I admire. Yes, I have that kind of free time. I lost my job back in august last year, and in the meantime I need to have my brain doing this kind of stuff not to go nuts, you know, lol
    Anyway, I had to write that intro. Sorry if it was boring
    Now to the help I'd like to request here:

    I have decided to start with Mariah Carey's official music videos collection. I almost have them all (138 music videos, which includes regular, remixed and alternative versions, all of them official ones). Some come from retail DVDs, some from promo DVDs, promo VHS tapes, promo U-matic tapes, retail and promo Laserdiscs, and the internet sources I mentioned above.
    My goals:

    1 - Replace audio if the video's audio quality isn't good, at least to my ears.
    2 - If possible, have all of the videos with audio replaced for uncompressed audio taken straight from retail/promo CDs (the only lossy process I should go through is to resample the audio from 44.1 to 48 kHz.)
    1 - Search and find any video in HD format that I have in SD format (since we're talking in this case of a career that started almost 30 years ago, most of the videos are in SD quality, 4:3 aspect ratio). This is what I'm doing right now.
    2 - Check each video's ratio aspect to see if it is correct.
    3 - There are some videos that are in 16:9 format "inside" a 4:3 format video, which leaves me with no choice other than to crop them and reencode them (PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong and there's some way to fix this particular problem avoiding recompression). I'd use TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works, which I'm familiar to BUT I'd be willing to use any other software if recompression is the only way to go and any other method/software would help the video not to decrease its quality in a drastic way.
    4 - Get rid of logos, text over videos (most of the ones I have are clean, but many come from promo VHS, DVDs & Laserdiscs, which include logos and text on screen, such as Promo Only, Telegenics, ETV, Videopool, Mixmash, etc). If not possible, well, I'll keep on searching for completely clean versions of these ones (or settle with the ones I have).
    5 - Upscaling videos: Is it worth? I mean, having the video SD, what's the use of trying to come up with an HD version of it taking as the source a SD video? I've seen the "upscaled" videos posted everywhere. I've downloaded a couple of them. All I see is a bigger video in size, but NO IMPROVEMENT regarding their quality, so... what do you think about it? Is there any piece of software to really make a difference and improve the DEFINITION and hence approach to HD definition of the video (even knowing than recompression itself would always actually DEGRADE its quality?).

    Well... that would be all. Sorry for the long post. I would REALLY appreciate any help/thoughs/advice on this. Cause I'm just starting with MC, but I have alot of artists to go after her.
    Last but not least, in any casy I make some mistake with any video, it's OK, cause I always have the original videos recorded somewhere, so that's covered.
    Thanks again and regards from Argentina

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