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    Hello All,

    i am new here, i am looking for help to recover some mp4 files.

    I have tried various tools listed on this site (Video Repair Tool, recover_mp4, ...) but nothing seems to be working.

    the files have been generated from a Samsung Gear 360.
    i have played the files on my iphone with the Gear 360 app, but apparently i did not play them until the end and since the files seem to be corrupted.

    the analysis from Video Repair seems to show there is video content in the files, but i can not manage to get it fixed.

    any suggestion as to which tool could I use to fix this problem?

    I have three videos which are corrupted.

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    You can post the file(s) to the site here, somebody will take a look.
    Also post a small known good file from the same device
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    Something I usually suggest with 'corrupted' files is to try to open them in a HEX editor. If the files are very large, may take a while.
    I use VirtualDub2 as it opens most MP4 files. If you go to 'Tools>Hex editor' in VD2 and open them there, you may see the problem.
    If the area that won't play is all 'zeros', then there is no data there.

    You can also first see if they open or play in VD2.

    But it would be helpful if you could post a representative file here on our site, 500MB max.

    Others here may have some better ideas.

    And welcome to our forums.
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