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  1. Hello everyone

    Here's the story of my film : super 8 shooting => transferred on tape => copy of the tape (mine)
    There is no way to get that Super 8 film or the first generation tape.

    I show you three pictures that give an idea of the entire film.
    Yellow, purple... a real mess.

    If someone create a color correction filter, can I use it for the all film ?
    Or can I use one filter for inside shots, and another one for the exterior shots ?
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  2. There are many tricks but we need a video sample (not reencoded sample, original capture)
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  3. 2nd generation VHS is going to be tough to improve. Also, without a sample no one can know if it is a frame-accurate transfer. If it is not frame accurate (one frame of film onto one frame of video) that will further hamper your efforts to improve it.

    so, provide a sample and maybe some small improvement will be possible.
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  4. Here we go. Untouched files.
    Image Attached Files
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  5. hard case that will require masking techniques, the pinkish parts of the house for example to make it whiter. You can do that with colormill or better RGB equalizer in virtualdub aswell but less effective

    But first things first: for the chroma fluctuation try this:

    LoadVirtualDubPlugin("C:\Program Files (x86)\virtualdubmod1.5\plugins\Camcorder_Color_Den oise_sse2.vdf", "CCD", 0)
    CCD(15,1) #
    U = UToY().ttempsmooth(maxr=1,lthresh=150, strength=1)
    V=VToY().ttempsmooth(maxr=1,lthresh=150, strength=1)
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  6. Some better work could be done if the transfer were done properly, I've set the video on Davinci just to see the extension of the damage:

    The masked out gray color part on the right, or the orange ish on the center screen, show what doesn't belong to the footage, also looking at the scopes, you don't have too much to work with. Is possible to clean this up, restore and correct the colors but this is kind of a job I wouldn't accept to do, it cost too much.

    Your life could be easier if you could find the film and do a proper transfer to digital, not to a VHS tape.
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