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  1. Hi all
    I've just started to use Womble Mpeg Video Wizard again after a long time, but have just noticed that when I do a direct copy of a TV episode from a DVD to mpeg format it won't recognize any chapters.
    Where am I going wrong???

    Any other software that will remember the chapters in mpeg format?
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    MPEG does not have chapters.
    The VOB has the chapter data, not the MPEG data inside the VOB.

    What you want does not exist.
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    Is there any special reason you want the TV Eps in MPEG format? If not if you use MakeMKV to wrap the titles on the DVD in a MKV container you will have the separate titles on the disc along with chapters if they exist on the disc.
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  4. I need to explain my original post better, & what I am trying to do. Also I have found a workaround to fix my problem easier.

    I don't know if any of you are awre of Doctor Who reconstructions of missing episodes? These use stills from the missing stories synced to audio. There is an official & unofficial version of one of the missing stories. However, the unofficial one uses better visuals to the official one, whereas the official one has better audio, chapters, subtitles, as well as a commentary track for each episode, BUT they are shorter by about 20 seconds, compared to the unofficial ones.

    Therefore, what I'm doing is editing the unofficial visuals to match the official audio, with the intention to eventually save as MKVs, but Womble re-encodes the MPEGs to MKVs, whereas software such as MakeMKV & MKVToolNix GUI are much, much faster.

    But I have found a workaround. I save my edited video from Womble as MPEG. Then, by using the DVD Reader file in Womble (which sometimes doesn't work properly, but there's a workaround?) I am able to transfer the chapters back in Womble and edit my video, preserving the chapters.I save as a DVD. I then take the video to MakeMKV to convert to MKV.
    There is very likely an easier way to do this without converting to MPEG at all, but I haven't tried it yet, since I've just started experimenting with Womble in this way?

    I've found out how to edit chapters using MKVToolNix, but is there an easier, more visual piece of software similar to Womble that will do it (I haven't tried using Womble to do this yet)?
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