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  1. Hi everybody !!

    I really need your help, here's the goal:

    - Add an atmos / dtsX track, to a 3D ISO file (the atmos tracks come from my UHD bluray, the 3D ISO comes from my BLURAY 3D)
    - The obligation to keep subtitles in 3D format (thus impossible to remux in MKV3D / MT2S / TS because these format does not preserve the 3D effect of subtitles)
    - Must not use re-encoding, audio and video must be kept intact, 3D must remain sequential (no discounted 3D with SBS and TAB)

    Software and methods already tested (with failure):

    - TSMuxer: In a sense, the best of the software that I could test, because it allows to obtain a 3D iso, keeping the 3D effects of subtitles and adding external audio tracks, BUT, TSMuxer 2.6.12 , not updated for several years, does not support atmos ("Some tracks not recognized, this tracks was ignored")

    - MakeMKV: allows to make MKV3D (by removing menus and languages ​​unhelpful), but does not allow to add external audio tracks ...

    - MKVToolnix: it allows to add the atmos/dtsX tracks to the MKV3D file obtained with MakeMKV, but the MKV3D format does not preserve the 3D effect of the subtitles.

    - DVDFAB: allows to obtain a 3D ISO (by removing menus and languages ​​unhelpful), but does not allow to add external audio tracks

    - BD3D2MK3D: same problems as MakeMKV ... does not get what I want

    - BDRebuilder: Does not work either ...

    I am desperate lol, if you have solutions, you will save my life! ^^
    This is the first time I ask for help to do this, I try to fend for myself, but here I am really stuck ... thank you all !
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  2. BD3D2MK3D can re-encode the movie in Half-SBS or Half-TAB, and convert the subtitles to 3D. The 3D subtitles are not produced the same way than with a real 3D-BD (2D subtitles + Offset sequences to present them in 3D), and may not be suitable for your usage if your player cannot display them correctly. But if you can do it, it is easy to add an external audio track, either by editing one of the files created by BD3D2MK3D during the creation of the project, or simply by using the Mkvtoolnix GUI to add the Atmos track to the final MKV.

    I agree that tsMuxeR would be a better solution, if it could handle the Atmos tracks and if it would not have a bug with the identification of the 3D-Plane to use for a specific subtitle track. Unfortunately, as you wrote, it is not developed any more.

    BTW, there has been a discussion started by Actionable Mango (is it you?) at the Doom9 forums on the same subject. See here.
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  3. Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I don't want to get an Half-SBS/TAB file ... I know the possibility to do this with BD3D2MK3D, but I want to preserve the sequential 3D (Full 1080p) from the no re-encoding should be done , only "remux". Moreover, a re-encoding gives the risk of losing quality, I do not want to risk distorting the original file.

    To be more precise, English isn't my natural language, so when I watch a film in English, subtitles (in my language or in English) are essential ... subtitles, without their embedding in 3D in movies, can make reading very disturbing: from one scene to another, it can become embedded in the foreground, then the second shot, then in the background behind the image ... it leads to a real visual abbement and eye strain. The sub in 3D really keep them in the foreground, read them easily and without distortion of the 3D action.

    The best solution would be a real alternative to TSmuxer, with the ability to add external audio sources and support for the atmos. With the possibility of output in ISO. Because the sub in 3D are not available under any other output format (MKV / TS / MT2S ect .. none of those retains the subtitle in 3D).

    MakeMKV + MKVtoolnix combined together, are the best solutions if you want to get a MKV3D (more light than an ISO3D with the same composition AVC + MVC + audio tracks) but without 3D subtitles ... so only for English speakers ... (that's why I specify that I'm not an "english natural speaker" , just to understand my obession for subtitles ^^)

    Thanks for the URL for this discution about the same subject, i'm not "Actionable Mango" ...
    If there are solutions, software, any way to get this, feel free to share
    We will get there !!! ^^
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  4. I know the problem of the 3D subtitles and the fact that the depth is lost when the movie is re-encoded (even as a BD25). It's why I have added the possibility to convert the subtitles to 3D in BD3D2MK3D. But I understand that it's not what you want. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no free BD muxer able to remux an original BD3D with an atmos track and/or without losing the depth information of the subtitles. Sorry, I can't help.
    r0lZ - PgcEdit homepage Hosted by VideoHelp (Thanks Baldrick)
    - BD3D2MK3D A tool to convert 3D BD to 3D SBS/T&B/FS MKV
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