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  1. A major FZ1000 weakness was the disabled OIS for 2160p video.
    Why is the same weakness repeating on FZ2000?

    Is it technically impossible to record at any higher resolution?
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  2. Get yourself a GoPro Hero 6 if you want a cheap camera that has stabilization in 4k mode, however that only works in 4k/25p or 30p, if you shoot in 4k/60p the stabilization does not work, which is a shame, but i know most people who shoot 4k video only use 24p or 30p anyway, where as i only like shooting in 50p or 60p mode.

    FZ2000 is a huge camera, especially with the zoom lens, and quite heavy as well, definitely not good for travel or run and gun shooting, plus the Auto Focus is not the best either.

    If you want a larger DSLR size 4k camera then i recommend the Panasonic G9 (this will be my next full size camera) and i think for the every day user is a better camera than the more expensive GH5 camera, and it has a same M4/3 sensor, it shoots 4k up to 60p, it is an interchangeable lens camera just like the GH5, and unlike the GH5 it has amazing Auto Focus (better than the GH5) and it has the new Dual Image Stabilization system in the body (GH5 doesn't) which allows you to also use certain lenses that have IOS and is compatible with the Dual Stabilization, and it is brilliant, definitely one of the best IS systems on any camera.

    Unfortunately it is not cheap, around $1600us for the body, but it is way better than the FZ2000 for not a lot more, and as far as i know it is the cheapest camera that shoots 4k/50p-60p video, except for the GoPro 6, which uses the older and smaller 1/2.3 type sensor.
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