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  1. mistake.. remove post please. shame on me.

    i created this thinking i had an error and my first post wasnt written, when i post the second one(repeated) i saw there was a message for 2 seconds that i couldnt read completely but i could see the post wont be visualized until..... blabla.. so i wrote this to say sorry and i thought wouldnt be visualized too, but here is it, i dont know why, so please i'm really sorry just post the first of the 3 posts i created. the rest you can remove, i'm sorry to make such a mess just in the begining. sorry sorry!
    Last edited by rubening87; 13th Apr 2018 at 11:28.
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  2. Yes i saw thank you sorry for the mess . You can remove this. But let me says something when someone is new And doesnt know the threadt is gonna get approved or no. At least the message should be shown for more seconds. I had no time to read it. Well anyway sorry And this can be removed if you want.
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