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  1. Hi everybody !!

    I really need your help, here's the goal:

    - Add an atmos / dtsX track, to a 3D ISO file (the atmos tracks come from my UHD bluray, the 3D ISO comes from my BLURAY 3D)
    - The obligation to keep subtitles in 3D format (thus impossible to remux in MKV3D / MT2S / TS because these format does not preserve the 3D effect of subtitles)
    - Must not use re-encoding, audio and video must be kept intact, 3D must remain sequential (no discounted 3D with SBS and TAB)

    Software and methods already tested (with failure):

    - TSMuxer: In a sense, the best of the software that I could test, because it allows to obtain a 3D iso, keeping the 3D effects of subtitles and adding external audio tracks, BUT, TSMuxer 2.6.12 , not updated for several years, does not support atmos ("Some tracks not recognized, this tracks was ignored")

    - MakeMKV: allows to make MKV3D (by removing menus and languages ​​unhelpful), but does not allow to add external audio tracks ...

    - MKVToolnix: it allows to add the atmos/dtsX tracks to the MKV3D file obtained with MakeMKV, but the MKV3D format does not preserve the 3D effect of the subtitles.

    - DVDFAB: allows to obtain a 3D ISO (by removing menus and languages ​​unhelpful), but does not allow to add external audio tracks

    - BD3D2MK3D: same problems as MakeMKV ... does not get what I want

    - BDRebuilder: Does not work either ...

    I am desperate lol, if you have solutions, you will save my life! ^^
    This is the first time I ask for help to do this, I try to fend for myself, but here I am really stuck ... thank you all !
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    Tsmuxer: Demux the Atmos track from the source so you have just the audio. Don't try to do it with it in the source containers.

    Bdinfo: Open the 3d Blu Ray with bdinfo. Identify the playlist that shows the 3d, noting which stream shows as left eye, which shows as right.

    Tsmuxer: Open that mpls with tsmuxer. Unselected any tracks you do not want.
    Tsmuxer: Add the .ac3 Atmos file demuxed above. Set language to eng.
    Set to be isomode. Set file split. Tsmuxer messes up 3d split so the files are way larger, so if you want 2gb, set to 1.
    Start processing.

    I do have one issue in that I have one that is too big for DL (50gb) with the Atmos added so I'm struggling to shrink it. I'd like to shrink thee audio but can't figure how. And I've not succeeded resizing video without breaking it.

    Tsmuxer does work, but maybe it depends on where you get it from. I'm unsure what exactly you have gotten error wise. I've been working on this for a while with success. It does not show in tsmuxer as Atmos just truehd, but opening the output iso shows Atmos, and play fine.
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