In my trials to switch my player's region, I accidentally lost the original grid codes. I found the way to view or edits the codes from . However, I would like to switch mine back to its original codes, for a region 5 player. Can someone with a region 5 player please look up the codes and let me know what they are? I can find the original grid codes for regions 1, 2, and 4, but not for 5.

In case someone wants to know why I want to switch, it is because of a failed attempt at making my player region 0. I followed the instructions on the above link verbatim, and one of its earliest steps was to switch to region 2. I did so, successfully got the "0" on my screen. But, my player will no longer play any region 1 DVDs. I think if I switch back to its original region (which is 5), and then try the remote key code "Repeat, FF, UP, DOWN, STOP, RIGHT" then, I might be able to make it region free.

Thank you!
Totally Mad.