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  1. Hi guys

    I try to encode several videos into one 4K video, but something isn't wrong with my code and I don't know how else it should be.

    See here

    WIF=dss2("file1", fps=25).QTGMC(preset="slow")
    RaceData=dss2("file2", fps=25).QTGMC(preset="slow").Crop(0,42,-0,-48)
    Driver=dss2("file3", fps=25).QTGMC(preset="slow").Crop(0,60,-0,-32).Spline36Resize(1606,826)
    Onboard=dss2("file4", fps=25).QTGMC(preset="slow")
    LiveT=dss2("file5", fps=25).QTGMC(preset="slow").Crop(48,26,-48,-180)
    Pits=dss2("file6", fps=25).QTGMC(preset="slow")
    Overlay(WIF, x=20, y=50)
    Overlay(Onboard, x=1995, y=1592)
    Overlay(LiveT, x=2636, y=886)
    Overlay(Driver, x=1960, y=50)
    Overlay(Pits, x=2636, y=1474)
    Overlay(RaceData, x=20, y=1150)
    Apparently the issue is in line 8. What am I doing wrong here?

    Please let me know

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  2. Overlay places one video onto another. You're not specifying what to overlay onto. There is no "last" video to default to.
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  3. Thanks, Jagabo

    To avoid creating another thread;

    I want to resize a video to 998x712, but I get the issue "Planar destination width must be a multiple by 2". Is there any way around it without resizing it again?
    Why couldn't I just resize it how I want?
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  4. Both 998 and 712 are divisible by 2. The issue must be something other than the resize. Post your entire script.
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  5. Hey, I noticed the issue. I was looking at the wrong line.

    Thanks for your help!
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