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  1. Hello, I'd like to transfer a lot of mini DV tapes to my desktop pc but I have to face 2 inconveniences:
    1) my desktop doesn't have any firewire port
    2) my old camcorder is dead
    About the problem #1, I got me a Pinnacle Moviebox 710-usb, which has a DV port as input, and an usb output to link it to the computer, see more at
    About the problem #2, I think I have to buy another camcorder. My question is: since my old and gone Panasonic had 3 ccds, should I get another model with 3 ccds or doesn't it make any difference, as I'll use it for playing back only?
    Many thanks,
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    The recording performance of a replacement camcorder doesn't make any difference at all. It just has to read the data off the tape and send it out the IEEE1394 port. You could also use a MiniDV deck without camera section.
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  3. i had issues with some mini dv tapes i got asked to transfer but i got a jvc deck and that played all the tapes back fine as a samsung and a canon camcorder kept saying wrong data on the screen when i tryd to play back on them
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