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    I have a video MKV file i downloaded with subtitle already muxed, all i want to do is to convert it to MP4 without losing the subtitle.

    I already tried the other softwares like Handbrake, rebox.NET and VLC to convert it but, the subtitle is gone

    Before Convertion
    [Attachment 45062 - Click to enlarge]

    After Convertion
    [Attachment 45063 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. MKV is a container, so is the MP4.
    If I need to do such a task I would demux the streams (audio, video, subtitle) then, remux it back to a MP4 container with tools such as mp4box.

    To maybe this could help.

    I don't use it.

    Please use the search, there are a infinite number of topics about such tasks here and over Google, including video tutorials on YouTube.
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  3. If your player supports soft-subtitles in mp4 you can try BOX4. (BOX4 is based on ffmpeg)

    Some players support external .srt files instead. Then you must convert the subtitle to an .srt file (open .mkv in SubtitleEdit, select subtitle and save as .srt). Name the .srt exactly as the .mp4 except the file extension.

    If none of the above works you need to burn-in the subtitles. You can do that in HandBrake by going to the subtitles tab, selecting the first subtitle (open the drop-down that says "foreign audio scan" and select the one below that instead) and ticking "burn-in"). Burning in takes lots of time and some quality so try the BOX4 and SubtitleEdit ways first.
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    You should also understand that while mkv supports a wide variety of subtitle formats, mp4 only supports a few, so your subtitle format may need to be converted to a supported one, which may lose certain features.

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  5. At least in theory ffmpeg support MOV subtitles and at least in theory you con convert existing subs to mov by filter - not sure how real life players are capable to support this.
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  6. Use MKV cleaver to extract the softsubs and put them alongside the mp4 as an external sub.

    Rename them to with the same filename base as your mp4
    eg. for A CERTAIN SCIENTIFIC RAILGUN_SE01-Electro Master.mp4

    If you have subs in SSA or ASS use Subtitle Edit to convert them to srt if your video player doesn't support it

    I believe only .srt are embedded to mp4 if you use handbrake
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